About Me


Here’s what you need to know. I have a girlfriend named Ami who has a number of active social media accounts. She loves taking photos, she’s extremely creative when it comes to editing her Vlogs which can range from our travels and adventures to another one of her passions, makeup. I think she’s pretty talented.

It does however get old having a camera shoved in your face every 25 seconds whilst you’re on holiday and not being able to walk from the shower naked to my wardrobe because she’s filming is pretty shit too. I was never angry at her for doing it, but it did annoy me, and I was far from helpful! I’d also bag the piss out of her and mimic all the YouTubers she’d watch endlessly.

Funnily enough, turns out making fun of your partner’s biggest passion till she’s nearly in tears isn’t good for their confidence or self-esteem. I began to notice a change in Aim. She went dark on social media for days and even weeks at a time. She never filmed anything and rarely posted anything other than snaps of our Cavoodle, Archie. When I confronted her about it she’d brush it off and say she was too busy blah blah blah but something wasn’t right.

I came to the conclusions that maybe I had something to do with it? (probs not though, coz I do a bloody good Shani Grimmond ‘HEYYY GUYSS, Welcome back’ impersonation) So I decided I’d make an effort to be more helpful and supportive.

That was about a year ago and over that time I’ve learnt heaps of shit about what it takes to be the best Insta Hubby you can be. And like any pretentious, ego driven man who knew the world simply couldn’t go on without his insight and wisdom does, I decided to create this platform!

This platform is the accumulation of what I’ve gathered over the past year and what I’m still learning. Our stories, adventures, some tips, tricks, suggestions, do’s and don’ts for anybody like me who wants to help their partner do what makes them happy!


The Insta Hubby is here to help.